Volunteers are an integral part of producing a successful event. Without the help of hundreds of volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to bring an extreme triathlon to Iceland. Extreme Endurance Events make great opportunities to support your local community with athletes from all over the world and fundraise for your group or nonprofit.


Large groups help fill our volunteer voids quickly, especially during the event. For this, we offer group donations as a way of saying thank you and urging volunteers to return to future events. The Ìsland Extreme Triathlon has allocated over 300,000kr (approximately $3,000 USD) for local volunteer group donations.

ELIGIBILITY - Only groups/clubs/teams that follow the steps below will be eligible for volunteer group donations.

  1. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator via the contact form linked below to have your group added to the system.

  2. Have you group members register to volunteer using the online signup form (click the REGISTER TO VOLUNTEER button) and make sure they select the appropriate group during the signup process.

  3. Work all designated shifts, following instructions given by the Volunteer and race site Coordinators.

DONATION RULES - Volunteer groups will earn $10 USD per completed volunteer shift once the group has completed 10 volunteer shifts. For example if 16 volunteer shifts are completed by a group they will receive a check for $160 USD. Please keep in mind this is volunteer work and is not meant to be “paid” positions. These are donations meant as a thank you for helping out at our event.

Payments will be processed once volunteer hours and shifts are verified by the Volunteer Coordinator. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for check delivery. Groups or volunteers that don’t follow instructions provided by the Volunteer Coordinator will not be eligible for group donations.


Paid race crew will perform manual labor duties assisting in the production of the event. If you are going to be in Iceland (whether a local or travelling to Iceland), we would love to hire you as part of the race crew. If you would like to apply for a position please completed the form below and we will get back with you when we begin putting the crew together. Paid positions are only available to those that are 18 & older.


Positions and schedules will be posted here soon.


Pay rates vary depending on position. Our range of pay is between $12 USD and $25 USD per hour based on the position assigned and experience working events. Once an applicant completes and submits the form below we will communicate available position(s) and the rate of pay for that position.



We are not currently taking application for the 2019 race crew, please click here to sign up for our Volunteer & Race Crew email list to be notified when positions are available.