We have a total of 270 slots available to the event (250 general entry, 10 professional, 10 race director’s choice). General entry is first come first serve.

Professional slots are also first come first serve but will be validated after registration is complete and a scan of professional license is sent to the race committee. Race director slots will be available only after general registration is sold out and are meant for those with human interest stories that missed general entry but still would like to participate in the event.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all those wishing to register MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE they have a willing and able support crew member to accompany them. This race REQUIRES each member to have a support crew member (at least one but more are allowed) to help them throughout the race including but not limited to helping them setup, get out of the water, get through T2, hydration/nutrition on the bike, and to run the entire marathon with them. Those without this support will not be permitted to race the event and NO REFUNDS, TRANSFERS OR DEFERRALS WILL BE GRANTED. If you would like to know our reasoning on requiring a support member for this event, please visit our SUPPORT TEAM PAGE.

WE ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all those registering purchase both registration insurance as well as travel insurance on their trip (if available). This recommendation goes for any extreme triathlon you register for as they are just that, extreme, and the environments extreme triathlon are put on are subject to acts of god and nature more-so than the typical areas events are held. We do not foresee this being an issue but we still recommend you protect as much of your entry and trip as possible. PLEASE BE AWARE that as of now, race registration insurance is only available to those with addresses inside the United States because that’s where this events production company resides.

Below you will find more detailed info about the registration process.


There are no refunds, transfer, or deferrals of any kind for ANY reason.

Our registration provider, RunSignUp, does offer an option for each registrant to purchase registration insurance through their 3rd party provide, Allianz. This add-on costs an extra $30-35 and MUST be purchased during the registration process. The insurance is, unfortunately only available for athletes with US addresses and a number of additional restrictions apply. Click HERE to review coverage information. Claims are filed directly through Allianz and have no affiliation with the event or the parent company.

No transfers or deferrals of any kinds are permitted once you are registered for the event. Weather would be the main reason for an event cancellation. VERY IMPORTANT - BE AWARE that, although rare and not something we obviously plan on, we urge EVERYONE to purchase additional insurance to cover their registration AND travel (most booking companies offer this) in case an act of nature leads to cancellation of the event. It's always better to be safe than sorry. 


If you are a pro/elite licensed triathlete you may submit your application to take part in Ísland (Iceland) Extreme Triathlon below. Once we review your application, if you are accepted, we will email you a link to register for 50% off normal registration rates ($275). We will also request, at that time, you send us a copy (front and back) of your professional license issued by your country's triathlon governing body. We have 5 male and 5 female spots available for our pro field. There is no confirmation email, if you click the submit button and the form on this page is replaced with a confirmation message, your form has been submitted and received.

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General Entry (250 quantity) is $550 USD per individual opening October 13, 2018. We expect a very quick sellout. Once we are sold out we are sold out. PLEASE NOTE that during the hours of 1pm-6am on Oct 13-14 we will have a $50 reduction in price in honor of the World Championships as they occur. Beyond those days on those hours it will be $550. If you choose to do more than one of our events (Hawaii, Alaska, Iceland) in one calendar year we give $50 off/back on each of those registrations to make them $500 each.


Professional Entry (5 Female / 5 Male) is $275 USD per pro individual with proof of pro license required opening on October 13, 2018. When these slots are sold out professionals are still permitted to register under general entry or apply for a Race Director’s Slots but are required to pay full price.


Race Director’s Choice Entry (10 quantity) is $550 USD per individual opening October 13, 2018. Race Director entry requests will only be necessary and reviewed after general entry is sold out. Please keep in mind that these slots are meant to give a chance to those with human interest stories to still get into the event after it has sold out.




No items listed below will be mailed or given out before or after the designated packet pickup times listed on the SCHEDULE OF EVENTS page. You must pick up your own packet and you must be present to claim your packet. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Unclaimed packets will either be discarded or reused next year (if possible). Each athlete's support captain must be present with the athlete at the time of packet pickup (check-in). If an athlete has more than one person on their support team the remaining member may also be present but if they are not able they may sign a waiver and sent if with the athlete and support captain to turn in on their behalf. 

  • Athlete Event Entry

  • Athlete & Support Packet Pickup Deliverables, see PACKET PICKUP page for details

  • Phone Communication & Tracking - All athletes must have their cell phone on them and charged at all times. All athletes must download the RaceJoy app and have it enabled/on at the start of the bike so we can track them along the course. If your phone is known to die over the length of time you estimate it will take you to finish the event, we suggest carrying a small external battery and charging cable.


The only shirt given for this event is a finisher’s shirt. At least first year, this shirt will only come in one color, red, as we do not intend on having a high and low route. All those that finish will do the same course and earn the same finisher’s shirt. Those that do not start and finish will not receive a shirt. Extra finisher’s shirts may be purchased at the Finisher’s Brunch but only if there are extras and they may only be purchased by finishers’s and for finisher’s. These shirts are sacred to those that complete the event and we will not give or sell finisher’s shirts to anyone that has not crossed the finish line.

We will be posting a mockup/proof of the inaugural finisher’s shirt once the design is complete (coming soon). It will be a unisex tech shirt of high quality. Headsweats is the manufacturer of the shirts.